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Cutting edge solutions and technology

In your busy professional or home life, it is of the utmost importance to have reliable, convenient, and affordable systems in place to make your days run smoothly. Whether the job is as simple as turning your lights on and off with a basic wall switch or as complex as controlling all of your home systems from a smart phone, SIMCO Electric and Communications Inc. is the team you want by your side.

SIMCO Electric and Communications, Inc. provides a wide range of security and technical assistance, including electrical, communications, telephone, audio/visual, security, and fire alarm services. To aid with security in your work or home environment, we install top of line cameras, door access control and fire alarm systems. If communication is what you need, we are skilled in installing voice data, phone systems and fiber optics to make your computers and phone calls fast and reliable. If your company is looking to save money on energy consumption we offer energy audits and complete installations for lighting systems and temperature automation with our preferred partners to provide you comfort at a discount.

Let SIMCO Electric and Communications, Inc. be your choice for getting connected to the world safely, on budget, and on time.

Upfront Service Pricing

No surprises here! Our customer's budgets are always a top priority, and we ensure that there are no hidden fees when giving you a quote. SIMCO addresses customer concerns while giving you a fair and affordable price.

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Smart Wiring

This state-of-the-art service includes current technology concerning telephone, internet, and camera systems. "Smart Home" cabling is becoming essential to the home buyers list and can increase the value of your home.

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Allworx Authorized Partner

Being an Allworx Authorized Partner gives us the ability to design telephone solutions for businesses in a range of sizes. This includes several benefits for you by providing lower cost, remote access, and more!

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I had SIMCO run power from the breaker panel in my house to my pole barn through 200 feet of trenched in plastic conduit. They then installed a 60 Amp breaker panel in the pole barn. The entire process took them only a few hours, and the end result was tremendous. SIMCO and their crew do quality work for a fair price. Since that day I have recommended them to my friends, coworkers and relatives. SIMCO is my preferred electrical contractor. I plan to use them for all my electrical projects (big and small) going forward. Read More

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