Digital Signage

Digital Signage has changed the way people advertise and is relatively easy to set up in your business. Content can be as simple as a PowerPoint slide that says "Welcome", or it can be live, graphic content that is constantly being updated and running on a server.

At SIMCO, we can provide you with the monitor and installation as well as the digital signage software to give you complete control over the content that displays. We have both Stand-Alone digital signage systems as well as TVs with built-in digital signage.

You can customize the display to serve your business purposes. That's the great thing about using digital displays. Every business is unique. You can make your display one-of-a-kind to sell your services and make your business even more appealing to your visitors.

Benefits of Digital Signage:

  1. Reduced Cost - being able to change message content digitally means not having to continually print signage in order to provide viewers with updated material, which makes the process more convenient and less time-consuming.
  2. Web Connectivity - can be connected to the web which allows news feeds, Twitter feeds, currency updates, weather updates and more to be incorporated into the display. Content can also be changed remotely.
  3. Attracts Attention - digital signage is very effective in harnessing an audience's comfort level with multimedia, which helps to create a more engaging experience. Selling is a process, and when you can't answer questions, you can easily create digital signage to do the selling for you with content at your location.
  4. Content is Easily Updatable - this is the ability to update content with one click. Highlight specials or featured items as soon as you want. Create menu boards that change throughout the day.
  5. Showcase Your Work – from architects to wedding planners, digital signage allows you to set up a slide show to allow prospective clients to view some of your completed projects.

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