Residential Smart Wiring

What is Smart Wiring?

It's the affordable way to wire your home to make the most of life, both now and in the future.

Smart Wiring can be as simple as a structured cabling system to run your television, telephone, and internet, or a house that functions completely on its own. SIMCO covers needs ranging from a security system with CCTV cameras and video intercoms to a home that sets the thermostat, turns the lights on and off, and plays your favorite music – all from the press of a button as you're pulling into the driveway.

Conventional cabling in homes has changed little in the past 50 years while technology has advanced at an amazing rate. Every new home constructed today should have Smart Wiring installed.

"Smart Home" cabling is increasingly becoming essential to the home buyers list. You can add value, save money and avoid problems by pre-wiring in the construction phase. "Smart Wiring" will add real value to your home, not only for your use and convenience, but in terms of its resale value. Imagine the difficulty you may have selling your home in ten years if it's cabling is outdated.

SIMCO Electric and Communications, Inc. has a solution for every home, from future proofing pre-wiring to fully finished installations that make your home more secure, comfortable, valuable and fun.

SIMCO offers complete design and installation services. You can choose from any one of our many cost-effective systems and packages, or we can custom design a system specifically for your home and budget. You can even choose to pre-wire now and add to your system as your budget and needs allow.


You can have your choice of single or multiple lines, plus a fax at any socket around the house. Telephone lines are often daisy-chained from one room to the next. Should a break occur in the wire, several rooms could be affected. This arrangement is problematic because it gives you multiple points of failure and finding the location of the broken wire takes a lot of time. At SIMCO, we wire phone lines using a "Star Topology" method. Star topology is considered by the industry to be the proper way to install new cabling. This scheme eliminates points of failure and provides maximum flexibility for installing and testing home, local area networks or intercoms. It also improves the signal quality and installation of any new services.


Choose broadband or dial-up at any socket around the house. Your own LAN (Local Area Network) allows for multiple computers to be on the internet at any one time. You can share files and your printer, or even play games between computers. Add in more computers to your network at any time by just plugging in.

Camera System

Give yourself peace of mind by having the flexibility to check on your kids playing outside or in the pool. You can even view them remotely from your smart phone to see they got home safe from school.

Smart Wiring, TV Mounting, and Recessed Outlets provided by SIMCO.
SIMCO provided Cat5e cabling, HMDI cabling and switching, as well as additional power outlets to make our new basement AWESOME! We now have high speed LAN lines in our home so the kids games don't lag and my husband and I never have to wait for Netflix to buffer anymore. These guy are so easy to talk to and made us feel very comfortable throughout the project. Thank you SIMCO!

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