Upfront Service Pricing

Home and business owners are weary of unscrupulous contractors. This often creates stress when it comes to system repairs.

Our Up Front pricing system isn't a "one price fits all" approach, nor is it designed to overcharge for a repair. When we come to diagnose the problem and give a price up front, home and business owners are able to make an informed decision on what they're buying.

SIMCO's Upfront Service Pricing allows consumers to see that they're getting a fair price, and that reduces their stress level.

Another advantage of SIMCO's Upfront Service Pricing is that it rewards productivity.

It holds US accountable:

  • To constantly work with our suppliers to keep material cost low
  • To maintain a professionally trained staff that can perform all work in the allotted time we give them

Hourly service pricing does not reward productivity: A contractor that charges by the hour earns the most money with their least skilled and slowest employees.

Who loses in this type of work environment? The customer – every time! Don't make that mistake; choose SIMCO!


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I hired SIMCO to add some additional outlets on the outside of my home as well as install a new bathroom fan. I loved the fact that I could see the price before they even started the work. Simco did a great job and my bill was exactly what they told me it would be. I will definitely be calling them again for my next project!

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