Energy Rebate Program Partners

SIMCO Electric and Communications, Inc. has partnered with Mid-American and Alliant energy companies to help bring your home or business into the 21st century with the latest lighting systems. We have completed hours of training and have become "Participating Energy Efficiency Dealers". As a business owner, you can save up to 70% on the installed cost (materials and labor) of an energy efficient lighting upgrade.

By teaming up with local lighting vendors and energy providers, SIMCO customers can take advantage of all available rebates they have to offer. This helps ease the initial cost of a lighting upgrade and drastically reduces the Return on Investment time.

The average energy waste in a commercial building is 30%. It's possible to reduce energy use by 10% with little or no cost. Make simple adjustments yourself by adjusting temperature set points and making sure lights aren't on when no one is around. Then, get expert help from SIMCO and let us take you a step further.

This means money saved every month. Don't hesitate and let this opportunity slip away! Every day without an upgrade is money wasted.

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