Security and Surveillance has become a part of our everyday lives. We all rely on good security and surveillance systems to help prevent crime, warn us of potential danger, or to simply help keep things running safely and smoothly.

Whatever your security needs, let SIMCO be your dependable choice for CCTV, Intercom, Door Entry Systems, and Hidden Camera systems.

Examples of Security we can provide:

  • Farmers - CCTV for birthing livestock or watching equipment
  • Retail - CCTV to prevent theft
  • Schools & Daycare - keeping kids safe as they learn
  • Homes - protecting property or making sure kids are home safe
  • Apartment Buildings - keeping hallways, parking lots, and common areas secure
  • Businesses – Watching that products/material are moving efficiently
2 megapixel IP camera system installed by SIMCO in LeClaire, IA

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