Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV)

In recent years, the closed-circuit television (CCTV) market has shifted from a primarily analog world to IP. A CCTV is essentially a video surveillance system. In educating ourselves to this, we have committed to keeping our staff well ahead of the curve. We have formal IT/Network Administrators on staff that are able to work with our customers' IT staff in designing and implementing successful solutions. We also offer hybrid DVR solutions, which allow our customers to utilize existing cameras and cable infrastructure, but also allow for a migration path to IP cameras moving forward.

CCTV stands for closed circuit television, and that is its first weakness. It's closed, which means it's hard-wired and difficult to scale. While there are some ways to make this hard wired limitation workable on larger installations, there is nothing in the analog world that comes close to the ease of scalability and installation flexibility available with IP cameras. IP surveillance allows you to easily scale any installation as your needs and budget grow.

Let SIMCO help you with your camera needs!

2 megapixel High Definition IP camera by SIMCO
We had an existing camera system we had recently purchased, but we were really unhappy with the image quality and service we were receiving. We wanted a professional company with a knowledgable staff to provide us with a new IP camera system that actuallly came with a warranty. SIMCO delivered with a 2.1MP IP camera system that has 5x the resolution of our previous system, as well as a great warranty. We really appreciated how they explained the difference between camera systems, with pictures, in a way that we could understand. We have since used SIMCO for our additional Security and Communications needs.

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