Allworx Authorized Partners

SIMCO Electric and Communications, Inc. is proud to announce that we are now Authorized Allworx partners. Whether you have 10 employees at one site or hundreds of employees at multiple sites, traditional phone lines, VoIP lines, T1 or PRI, we can design a solution with your business in mind.


Allworx is priced right — your total cost of ownership promises to be less than any other fully-featured VoIP communication system. The Allworx system is the only analog, VoIP and PC network solution available with a complete set of features designed exclusively for the small business.

  • Lowest Expansion Cost — with no need for gateways, expansion cards or other third-party products, Allworx has the lowest installed cost of any fully-featured VoIP system.
  • Proven Savings — with SIP trunks, remote phones or Advanced Multi-Site for multiple offices, expanding your options between sites lowers operating costs. Quick user adoption minimizes training costs for new employees.
  • Hassle-Free Remote Access — remote users connect instantly using ordinary broadband connections and without extra hardware, software or cost.
  • Sensibly Priced Options — software options are priced so they won't break the bank or incur recurring monthly or annual maintenance charges.
  • Know Your Long-Term Costs— Allworx pricing is straight-forward and uncomplicated. Optional extended hardware warranties and/or software upgrade keys are available for every budget.
  • Mobile Reach App — Make or receive calls from anywhere with iOS or Android. Your mobile phone becomes the Allworx phone on your desk. You can view and change presence settings, manage, send, reply and forward voicemails as well as display/search Allworx users and local contacts.


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